About Our Consignment Program:

Whether you are a passionate fashionista or a fashion designer, we want to help you have your clothes work for you with our consignment program. We not only invite you to consign your current and past clothing collections but, also your own personal designer items. Our goal is to help you make a profit from your brand and the goods that are just sitting in your closet.

In order to consign pieces with THE STYLE LIST, please fill out the form below and someone will contact you to schedule an appointment to drop off at our showroom.  

Consignment Policy:

We will review your pieces and determine a rental price for each piece that both parties are comfortable with.  When your item is rented you'll receive 25% of the rental fee.  A monthly email will be sent to notify you if your clothes have been rented and the amount you've earned from your rental.  From there, we will send a monthly check for the amount you've earned.

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